About FMRP

Care and Maintenance

Faro Mine is located near the Town of Faro in Yukon, on the asserted traditional territory of the Kaska Nation and upstream from the Selkirk Nation. The Faro Mine operated for almost 30 years between 1969 and 1998.
Continuing Care and Maintenance

Activities that are planned to deal with contact water on site include:

Building capture systems that will collect groundwater coming out of areas that can cause water to become contaminated. These systems will be built in the Down Valley, Emergency Tailings Area, and North Fork Rose Creek area.

Constructing a network of sumps, pipelines, tanks, pumps, channels, and ponds that will collect and move contaminated water through the site. This system will operate year-round.

Using the Faro Pit to store contact water before it can be treated and released to the environment.

Building a water treatment plant that will treat water so that it meets water quality standards and is safe for both people and the environment before the water can be discharge to Rose Creek.

Releasing treated water to Rose Creek when it is safe to do so. If water quality does not meet water quality standards, it will be sent back to the Faro Pit for storage.

Continuing Care and Maintenance

Outline the type of work within the project, broad aproach

The Faro Mine Site is currently in care and maintenance, which includes monitoring water quality, collecting and treating contaminated water, checking that water leaving the site meets water quality standards and maintaining site infrastructure, like roads, buildings, dams, and water diversions. An important goal will be to prevent clean water from flowing into areas where it could become contaminated and unsafe. Treating contaminated water and monitoring the water will continue to be a priority in the future.

Water Treat Operators Needed! 

As part of on-going care and maintenance, water treatment plants will be used to treat water so that it can be safely released to the environment.

Activities that are planned to help keep clean water clean include:


Moving the Faro Creek Diversion to keep clean water away from the Faro Pit.


Completing the work needed to finish the North Fork Rose Creek Diversion.


The last portion of North Fork Rose Creek will be diverted so that it avoids an area where groundwater is seeping out of a waste rock dump into the creek. The creek channel will be moved to protect North Fork Rose Creek from this groundwater.


Building a new water diversion called the Down Valley Diversion to move clean water along the northwest side of the site.


Building proper drainage on the tailings and waste rock areas to prevent clean water from coming into contact with mine wastes.


Building sediment ponds that will collect and slow the movement of water coming off the site and allow sediment to settle out of the water before releasing it to the environment. These ponds will help keep the soil out of nearby creeks.