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Safety First!

General Tender Process for Faro

Parsons Online Global Contractor Safety Evaluation (CSE) Program

To make sure Parsons Contractors possess the same level of commitment to worker safety as Parsons, all Contractors are required to complete the Parsons online Global CSE Program prior to working on a project, and to update their information at the beginning of each year. After completion, the company information is saved in a database for consideration on all Parsons projects for the duration of the calendar year.

All Contractors are required to complete the Parsons Online Global CSE Program prior to working on a project, and to update their information at the beginning of each year.

Subcontractor Insurance Requirements 

Below are minimum insurance limits required of vendors, subcontractors, and subconsultants engaged in work on the Faro Mine Remediation Project (FMRP). 

Under some work packages, coverages may need to be higher based on the particulars of that package’s scope. 

Vendors coming on-site for low-risk work awarded under a PO:

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Automobile Liability Insurance

Subcontractors awarded work under a subcontract:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Automobile Liability Insurance
  • Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance
  • Watercraft – If required
  • Aircraft – If required
  • Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Liability – If required
  • Additional Insured – if required
  • Waiver of Subrogation – as required

Subconsultants awarded under a sub-consulting agreement: Same as Subcontractors except: 

  • Addition of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Deletion of Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance 

The Environmental Protection Plan (EPP)

The purpose of the Project specific EPP is to ensure adherence to the Faro Mine Remediation Project (FMRP) Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Through the development of project specific EPPs it allows the “constructor” to develop their project in alignment with the FMRP EMP. The FMRP EMP ensures that the activities are being developed in accordance with federal and territorial regulations and legislation.

Use the EPP is to describe the environmental protection measures that will be implemented by your Company during the Project. The content of the EPP is based the environmental sensitivities and environmental protection requirements described in the Government of Canada’s Environmental Management Plan.

As part of the EPP your Company must commit to:

  • 1

    Implementing environmental protection measures identified within the EPP.

  • 2

    Training and educating crews to be aware of environmental sensitivities and how to best implement the protection measures.

  • 3

    Issuing stop-work orders if unknown or unanticipated environmental hazards or work conditions evolve and develop strategies to mitigate or eliminate them.

  • 4

    Communicating with Main Construction Manager (MCM) related to the environmental protection measures at the site about any issues or concerns.

  • 5

    Maintaining records and documents in accordance with the EPP, individual environmental monitoring plans, and project specifications.

Ground Disturbance Permit

Heritage Assessment

Completed Map(s) provided for location of disturbance.

Revegetation Plan

Submitted/Approved Sediment and Erosion Control Plan

Sediment and Erosion Control Plan

Required if area being disturbed is within 30 m of a waterbody.

Dust Mitigation Plan

Required if disturbed area and/or remaining stockpiles are in a location with significant human activity and is likely to result in dust dispersion.

Notice of Work

Subcontractors must submit a notice of work to Parsons prior to conducting field work. The notice of work will include items such as:

  • Heritage resources review confirmation - have you confirmed that the archeological assessments have been completed and no conflicts exist?
  • Environmental awareness and training - include details of proactive environmental awareness actions proposed as part of the work, as well as any relevant training required to be undertaken.
  • Bird nesting surveys - as needed.
  • Environmental monitoring – how will you perform this work in alignment with the sites health, safety, and environmental protection policies.
  • Field Staff
  • Schedule of Work
  • Health and Safety (Covid-19 site access)

Site-Specific Safety, Health, and Environmental Plan

Contractors are solely responsible for the content of their SSHEPs. Prepare your site-specific safety, health, and environmental plan (SSHEP) with the help of the template below. This template was written for a broad spectrum of contractors and each contractor shall modify it to address the requirements of the particular project they will undertake. The SSHEP shall contain the information in the following table. 

Information Required in a SSHEP

Information Required
Information Required
Health, and Environmental Policy Statement 
Integration of SH&E Risk Mitigation Planning in 2-Week Look-ahead Submissions 
Scope of Work Evaluation 
Employee Participation and Consultation 
Responsibility and Identification of Key Personnel 
Emergency Action Plan 
Overall Assessment of SH&E Hazards, Exposures, and Risks 
Site-specific Medical Emergency Plan 
Relevant SH&E Compliance Programs, Associated Compliance Information, and Personnel Responsibility Assignments 
Incident Reporting, Investigation, and Corrective Action Processes 
SH&E Compliance Training Matrix and Training / Education Processes 
Work Site Inspection and Program Audit Processes 
Site-specific Worker Orientation Program 
Progressive Disciplinary Program 
Identification of Competent / Qualified Personnel 
Recordkeeping / Document Retention Processes 
Hazard Identification, Notification, and Correction Process 
Other (as defined by Contractor or Parsons) 
Specific Hazard and Risk Control Measures (e.g., Activity Hazard Analyses, Operational Risk Management Processes) 
Other (as defined by Contractor or Parsons) 

This template was written for a broad spectrum of contractors and each contractor shall modify it to address the requirements of the project they will undertake.

Safety is not an accident

Site Access Documentation

Building a safety culture on the Faro Mine Remediation Project site is paramount. All visitors and employees must understand what procedures they must take to be safe and how to report any hazards. Safety must be one of your top priorities.

HSE Site Access Requirements Checklist 

Register online with Parsons Global Contractor Safety Evaluation (CSE) 
All Online CSE Questions Answered & Documents Uploaded 
Contacted FMC H&S For Any Queries Before Pressing "Submit" Tab In The CSE 
Pressed The " Submit" Tab In The CSE Online System 
Provided FMC H&S With a Letter Stating the Scope of Work (include in SSHEP) 
All Staff Have Reviewed, Signed the FMC EMP And Submitted to FMC H&S 
The SSHEP is Created, Reviewed and Signed by All Employees & Sent to FMC H&S 
*General Liability Insurance Certificate to FMC H&S (or as part of contract award) 
*Insurance For All Company Owned Vehicles to Be Used on Site Sent to FMC H&S 
Required Safety Certs. /Licenses Sent to FMC H&S (i.e., Bucket truck/Fall Protection, et al.) 
YWCHSB Clearance Letter Sent to FMC H&S 
Provided List of Inbound Personnel to FMC H&S (Min. 2 Days in Advance of Arrival) 
Copies Of Driver Licenses of On-Site Driving Personnel Sent to FMC H&S 
**Communicated To All Inbound Employees of Site Safety Orientation Days/Times** 
Received Written Approval Your Company Has Met Parsons H&S Requirements 

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